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2. Choice Products

Three-gang mould nickel-plated

Precision three-gang mould 40.1 x 40 x 160 mm EN 196 electroless nickel-plated Polished bright surface With numbered webs and nutplates Without boreholes Weight: 10.4 kg 4 pieces available

Air entrainment meter "Type 7304" cap. 1 litre

Z012 Air entrainment meter 1 litres Typ 7304 EN 1015-7, EN 459-2 with hand operated pump, for testing freshly mixed mortar, direct reading in % Dim. (dia.xh) 265 x 340 mm Weight: 6.0 kg

Air entrainment meter TESTING 0,75l

Air entrainment meter TESTING
Cap. 0.75 litre

EN 413-2
With hand operated pump
For testing freshly mixed mortar
and masonry cement
Direct reading in %

Dim. (dia x h) = 235 x 315 mm
Weight: 3.8 kg

With slight signs of usage. 

Air entrainment meter TESTING 8 l electr.

Air entrainment meter TESTING

Cap. 8 litres
EN 12350-7, ASTM C231, GOST 10181
With electric minicompressor  
For freshly mixed concrete 
Direct reading in %

Weight: 10 kg
100 - 240 V / 50-60 Hz

Slight signs of use....

Bond strength tester 1 kN

Bond strength tester 1 kN

For measuring the tensile strength of concrete and
the adhesive strength of facing plasters,
mortars, coatings, paints and lacquers on their base

Indication of force by digital display
Hand operated


Bond strength tester TESTING 20 kN, servo-controlled

Bond strength tester TESTING 20 kN
To determine the bond strength

Class 1, servo-controlled
Sensivity 0,01 kN
With built-in rechargeable battery 
Digital display: units can be switched (N or N/mm2)
Increase in...

Compression / flexure testing machine 3000/100 kN

Heavy duty welded construction
DIN 51220, 51223, 51227 Class 2
with manometer, manual control
2 compression and flexure areas
Pressure range: 0 -1000 kN 0 - to 3000 kN,
Bending range: 0 - 50 kN, 0 - 100 kN
Printing plates 78 x 320 x 520 mm
Daylight Opening 340...

Compression / flexure testing machine 3000/100 kN

heavy duty welded construction
DIN 51220, 51223, 51227 Class 2
with electronic force measurement,
electronic load speed encoder,
servo control
2 compression and flexure areas
Pressure range: 0-1000 kN, 0-3000 kN
Bending range: 0-50 kN, 0-100 kN
Compression plates 78 x 320 x 520 mm
Vertikal daylight opening Compression Testing 340 mm
Stroke Compression Testing 100 mm
Vertical daylight opening Bend Tester 260 mm
Piston stroke bender 220 mm
Length 1000 mm bending bridge
Distance of the rollers up and down about 260 mm
Roll length 510 mm
Roll diameter 20 mm

Drill bit

Drill bit 1 1/4"

Insite 160 mm dia., Outside 158 mm dia.

Working length: 450 mm

Frost-thaw cabinet two doors

Frost-thaw cabinet, two doors temperature range: -20° to + 60°C
Cabinet and 4 shelves made of stainless steel (additional shelves available for a surcharge) Dim. (wxdxh) = 138 x 98 x 212 mm

Infrared temperature measuring device

Infrared temperature measuring device Producer: TFA - Dostmann

Measuring range: -50 bis 1000°C

Readout: 0,1°C Accuracy of the reading: ±1,5% 

distance ratio (between recording head and measuring spot) 50:1




Inspection Set for Surveyors

Consisting of:

- Endoscope RWD8-320

- Angle attachment 120°/250 mm

- Accubox II 12 V with charging transformer

- Cable RCA / AV connector

- 400 mm light probe

- Probe head

- Glass mirror for probe Ø 30 mm

- Lighted magnifier DELTA 20

- Scale expansion 3,5 V

- BETA-Battery handle 3,5 V

- Carrying and storage case

- 1 each XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb

Additional Accessory: Endoscope RWX8-230 - 35°/90° 330mm length

Moisture/temperature measuring instrument testo 635-1

Moisture/temperature measuring instrument testo 635-1, electrical
For measaning humidity, material equilibrium moisture and dew point in compressed air systems
Calculation of dew point and dew point distance, min, max and mean values
Illuminated display without probe

Ultrasonic instrument TICO

Basic unit consisting of:

Display unit with memory for 250 measured objects

Supplied with one pair of transducer heads 54 kHz,

Dia. 40 mm x 40 mm, alibration rod, couplant and cable in case

Condition is almost new


Water bath with cooling and heating system

Water bath with cooling and heating system

Thermostatic heat

  - Heating power 2,0 kW

  - Temperature constancy  +- 0,01 K

  - Pump 475 mbar pressure, 330 mbar suction

    max. 20 l/min delivery flow

  - Pumping rates 3 (50%, 75%, 100%)


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