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3 Laboratories for Berger Bau GmbH

Design & equipment for 3 laboratories (concrete, asphalt and soils testing labs), with 31 system lab furnishings and equipment units.

Scope of delivery
• Combined compression / flexural-strength testing machine 3000/250/15 kN concrete/ mortar/ cement, with integrated roller conveyor Automatic Proctor compactor
• Acoustic insulation for Proctor compactor
• Set of moulds
• EML 315 Digital Plus T vibratory sieve shaker for dry sieving
• Sieve set, d = 300 mm

Stainless steel furniture
• Acoustic insulation cabinet
• 14 stainless steel work cabinets
• 10 stainless steel work tables
• 4 stainless-steel sink units with sinks
• Stainless-steel mould-removal table
• Stainless steel shelf rack with 4 storage shelves
• Stainless steel special corner work table
• Stainless steel special central work island